Chinese KineRAW S35 Camcorder

Chinese KineRAW S35 Camcorder

Сообщение marduk » 16 май 2012, 18:16

Chinese KineRAW S35 Camcorder Attempts to Knock Off the RED and ARRI ALEXA for $8,000


Image Sensor
Super 35mm Sized CMOS sensor
12-bit linear output for True RAW as CinemaDNG, or 10-bit Log90 output for Cineform RAW

Lens Mount
PL Mount as Standard Mount
Interchangeable Lens Mounting System with adjustable Flange-to-Focal Distance

2K@23.976fps, 24fps, 25fps, 30fps
Both uncompressed True RAW as CinemaDNG and GoPro-Cineform ™ RAW

480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p, RGB 8bpc, compatable with third party EVF, LCD and HD monitors.
One HDMI port and Two SDI ports

24-bit depth and 48KHz
3-Pin XLR two channels

Time Code: supports SMPTE LTC Timecode input and output (Master/Slave)
Genlock: SMPTE 274M-2005 Tri-Level Sync signal
Sensor Sync Signal: between two cameras, like for shooting Stereo-3D or multi-camera.

Power Supply
Camera DC Power Input 11 – 26V, maximum typical current draw is 4 amps from 12V.

Size and Weight
Length x Width x Height w/o projections: 312x190x150mm
Weight: 6.2kg

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Re: Chinese KineRAW S35 Camcorder

Сообщение Lexx » 17 май 2012, 21:48

бред. Если китайцы уже такое начали делать, миру точно конец. :o
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